The mobilist Moodie with his "Woven Fish" made of 3mm birch plywood, 1.5 m tall, lightweight, environmentally friendly

Coherence between design, ecological systems and lifestyle!
Coherence is the word (sammenh├Žng in Danish, directly translated: together hanging)for a mobilist with ideas beyond just the design... a porpoise and a wave belong together, and in my design they are cut out of a single piece of plywood together. The idea and the mobile are hung together in the home. Beliefs and actions hang together!

Mobiles...Mobility is life itself! A mobilist brings static forms to life! And he knows that the brain is deeply founded on discerning nuances of movement, which spell the difference between life and death.

Discrimination of movement equals survival! And when the alert is past, then begins the sublime, peaceful chewing of data, which the brain loves! Ergo mobiles are candy for the brain! Or fantasy perches. Or resting places to massage an overgeared rationality! Teasers. Pleasers. Never leave you's... Good cause focal points...

Fifth dimension! built upon the width, depth, length and rotation, here I can bring you to a caring aspect, a worthwile cause to focus on, or a realisation of the love affair between light and shadow... beyond the physical! Into the cyberspatial and spiritual, or the thought free surprise of balance!

I owe Alexander Calder for giving me his childish, primeval stamp of approval to act for all to see, for the freedom to hang as I please, form as I need, and to be open to small pleasures and big challenges! Thank you for your genius!

I owe sailing for revealing the impossibly complex light and shadow worlds of rigs and sails, sun and showers, moonlight extortion(bedrageri), heaving waves and spindrift flying, conches spiralling anciently, slick porpoise agility raising a smile inside me... or a whale blowing the moment out and disappearing...

I owe technology for the materials I choose: as simple as a good cardboard, and as impossibly strong and flexible and lightweight as birch plywood, as clean and free of maintenance as stainless steel, as heart harmonic as weathered copper, as nautical as brass. All sheets, which can be formed to describe the most superficial surfaces in space, a new kind of mobile, with accent on change in light and shadow, complex curves, rhythmic definition of space.