New exhibits coming

Old Market Day in Svendborg the 3rd of August. We'll be there with tools, making small mobiles. Other artisans will be with us at Centrum Pl. the round P area downtown at Scala Movie theatre. It's an old tradition with participants dressed up in 19th century costumes. Lots of food, local shops in booths and marching bands, trade guilds and summer atmosphere! See you!

New window for Moodie's art in Copenhagen! From the beginning of April it will be possible to buy Moodie Mobiles in a special little shop a Ætgirsgade 19 in Copenhagen. Select designs in a living environment, where my window is a decoration for a start-up design and consultancy firm. Vagns Treasure Trove is a place where you will be elegantly surprised and challenged!

Galleri Moodie's is open by appointment tel. 62222613 or 20410460. New designs in Finnish birch plywood from Koskisen, my supplier. This new plywood is nearly ecological they say! There are also new designs with an iconic theme in the weathered copper from the Danish parliament (Folketing) roof.

Summer has bowed out, leaving the giant sunflowers to carry the sun's radiant heads high! Our Hinke pair have taken their exhibition to Årup where they had 80 guests at their opening. New mobiles are being cut and Anette Lind, papermaker came with some new works to hang. Pauses are where paintings hung, but pauses can be very fruitfull, so we're not afraid. I've hung my first map up, and feel that it's time to share some of the fine maps from my life. Could be the next exhibition...

We're open as always by appointment, 62222613 or 20410460.
The garden is in the grip of creeping, climbing vines on top of giant flowering dueurter, stinging nettles,and elderberrytrees, even the Black raspberries are bearing their share!

Enjoy a wee walk or a meditation.

Hinke exhibition continues until 30th August, and the garden is in full latesummer flowering. Paths wind through sculptures and small garden miniponds with mobiles amongst the high natural growth and our very special trees... Ring and make an appointment if you can't visit while we're open regularly from 2pm to 5 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, plus these last Sundays in August.

25th July opening of Late Summer Exhibition featuring Else and Jørgen Hinke of Faaborg, with watercolor and pastels of flowers, birds and landscapes. Two masters with a lifetime of painting with the heart! Also Helge Falck Kammeyer with his sharp photographic eye for romantic, sensitive landscapes and closeups of natural features with abstract motives. And none lesser than Tove Lorentzen, with glass bowls and vases and her wondrously thin porcelain "eggs", for tea lights.
2pm to 5pm both Saturday and Sunday, otherwise Fridays and Saturdays 2-5pm or by appointment at 62222613

The 9th and 10th of May we're opening again for the summer season with an exhibition of pastel paintings by three friends from Fyn, Jørgen Hinke, Helge Jensen og Peter Madsen who have been painting landscaps and portraits together for thirty years. Hinke is celebrating his 80th birthday the 24th of May. In contrast to these three masters of traditional painting with dry pastel we're presenting Tove Lorenzen, Odense, with a mix of her talents: abstract acrylic paintings, photos with experimental use of painting techniques, fine porcelain cups, and elegant glass platters.

Come and visit the garden around the gallery with its unusual valley landscape. Horses grazing in the clouds! Primeval weeds, a 20 meter long untouched grass sculpture, and new sculpture in stainless steel...

10& off on mobiles for guests coming by bike!

This time of year we're busy designing new mobiles and arranging coming exhibitions. The Gallery is open by arrangement, just give us a call at 62222613 or 20410460. The first exhibition has its opening weekend the 9th and 10th of May with the "Three Pastelliers". Helge Jensen, Peter Madsen and Jørgen Hinke make love to the landscape themes they find in our local nature, working out in the field with their pastel chalk. They are all members of Nordic Pastel Forum. We hope to repeat the success of last summer where they painted in the open garden at the gallery, whilst the public peeked over shoulders.

The yearly exhibit of artists from southern Fyn runs until Sunday the 1st of February, from 10am to 5 pm at Vestermark school in Vester Skerninge, between Fåborg and Svendborg. There are 99 artists participating with paintings, sculpture, mobiles, and crafts. A celebration of diversity, with an ever developing level of quality and inspiration, exhibited in the halls, cafeteria, entrances and also in all of the classrooms. Students have their art exhibited in the art classrooms. Moodie Mobiles are in the farthest corner of the cafeteria, and feature a new design inspired by Leonard Cohens song "Anthem"s chorus: "Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there's a crack in everything, that 's where the light comes in."

Autumn is blowing in the garden, as we prepare for Christmas craft markets.
We'll be part of our collective butik ArtsFaellers booth at Egeskov slots Yule market the 8-9th and 15-16th November. Ring if you would like to meet me there, tel. 62222613. Our local art association SAK is holding its traditional Yule bazaar the 29th-30th November, where we will have our own booth again.

Gallery Moodie's and my workshop at Holmdrup Huse 7, 5881 Skaarup will be open by appointment in December, no purchase requirement!! Hope to see you.

Saturday 23rd August is a garden happening at Galleri Moodie's. Several artists will create new works in the garden, between 1230 and 1530. Jørgen Hinke, Fåborg, Peter Madsen, Ulbølle, and Helge Jensen, Glamsbjerg aka The Three Pastelierer, will set up their staffeli and pastel chalk will become motives from in and around the garden. Guests can peek over shoulders. Hellemai Toft will weave a willow spiderweb and David Moodie will create a mini garden pond with its own mobile. Bring your own picnic basket.

We're getting ready for part 2 of our Little Lifeboats exhibition, the late summer edition with new artists-- Opening weekend is the 9-10th of August at Galleri Moodie's, Holmdrup Huse 7, 5881 Skårup, Svendborg, from 1-5 pm.
Hellemai Toft, willow weaver sculptor is showing large basket forms, which when arranged with my copper and stainless steel mobiles bring a sense of bridging the elements, the fundamental and the atmospheric. Her design for a shiplike inner journey structure and her bench, which resembles a timeless bridge will be in the garden. Sanni Schmidt has just completed some new, round, meditative paintings with their characteristic active surfaces and her sense for nuances in her colors. John Foged has populated the gallery and yard with his iron, steel and stone birds. His sense of humor raises the ante on his fine craftsmanship. Continuing are Lars Ringgaard with his flowing and colorful acrylic and oil paintings, Niels Larsen with his acrylic picture commentaries of a satiric and humoristic view of we people. Birgit Elmon with her spiritual paintings, and Dorthe Henningsen has brought some new, larger platters/bowls to her pottery exhibit.

We are now preparing for the big arts and crafts market at the old warehouse of Svendborg's Maritime Center. It will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday 18-20 July, Friday evening and the weekend from 10 am to 5 pm. 24 artisans in a very authentic setting beside the veteran ships wharf in Svendborg, Denmark.

And at the same time we are getting ready to hang an exhibition in Fåborg at the old brewery outside the old West portal to the middleages town. We are six artists, with painting, sculpture, willowwoven sculpture, pottery, hand cast bronze and silver jewellry, and my mobiles. This exhibit is called "Lifeboats", the idea being that in these crisis times art can lift and inspire people to take care of our planet and all its lifeforms.

The tenth of July opened our exhibition at Solbjerggaard in Millinge, just 10 km west of Fåborg, Denmark. It will last the rest of the summer at the beautiful old timberframe four wing farm, (classic Danish type with stalls and barns in a square plan with a large cobblestone courtyard. It is a bed and breakfast with hosts Laura and Peter. She is a clothes and tekstile designer, and there are two painters also in the exhibition. I have three stainless steel mobiles hung in their large garden behind the house, as well as some in the b&b rooms and their very authentic barn from the 1770's.

Since Pinse we have exhibited at Nyhavegård just outside Refsvindinge, Denmark. Indoors mobiles and two examples of my new mobiles hung over small garden basins, with part of the mobiles in the water to dampen movements in strong winds. This exhibit will last throughout the summer.
Call (45)62222613 to make an appointment for a visit. Or visit Fru Olsens Stuer, Skattergade 14, Svendborg, where I am a member together with 14 other crafts artisans.

Sunday 13th April we'll be at Nyhavegaard Påskemarked, Stenhavevej 2, Refsvindinge, 5853 Ørbæk, Danmark! There are other artists and craftsmen as well as a brewer, a baker and a butcher! We'll be introducing new garden mobiles designed for garden ponds. Other new designs as well. From 10 am til 5 pm.

Happy new year
Please ring if you would like to visit the workshop and gallery.(45)20410460 OR 62222613. I am working with new designs and experiments with stainless steel mobiles for use in the garden, and also have some artists with pottery exhibited here, but no actual new exhibit during the winter.

1st-9th February 2014 Sydfynskebilledmager art exhibit with 100 artists at Vestermark School in V. Skerninge

Galleri Moodie's 10th of May 2014, new local artists plus Lars Ringgaard, Vrads, Jylland

21 July til 3rd August at Bryggergården, Nordrevej, Fåborg, together with several other artists and craftsmen.

Opening weekend for the exhibition Three Gentlemen is 7th-8th Sept. Jørgen Hinke, Fåborg, Allan Hansen,Pejrup, and David Moodie, Svendborg are all a bit up in years but share a fresh and life loving attitude to the world and their art. Sharp eyes, fearless use of colors and forms and respect for nature and the viewer are all shared.
Pastel chalk master Jørgen Hinke, shows more of his local landscapes with us. The wonderful nearness and "withness" in nature,which his paintings reflect, is won with his often barefoot presence out in the country. Sometimes it takes two sittings of several hours over two days before he has the picture ready to frame. He not only meets the landscape, but often has time to talk with hikers and others he meets, and always has a pocket full of stories with him!
Allan Hansen has painted since 1990, with both oil and acryllic,and is self taught, though he has learned much from local painters he admires and has studied with. He has a twinkle in his eye and his brushes, humor being a companion of choice. He is not afraid to experiment, and will not be limited in his use of color or form! He is not afraid either to be a painter with a happy message!
David Moodie is a scuptural mobilist. New mobiles include some naturally decorated "churchship"forms in weathered copper and glossy stainless steel forms, not afraid to "clothe" themselves in the colors of the paintings or the garden. Painted ultrathin plywood forms are also occurring a bit more often now.
Late summer is rich with the blossoms and wild growth of a fabulous sunny summer in the nature around us and in our open garden. Bring a picnic lunch!
Exhibition is on from 7-22nd Sept., Wednesday-Sunday from 2-5pm or by appointment (no purchase required!) ring (45) 20410460.

Galleri Moodie’s opens a new exhibition with Moodie Mobiles and 12 artists and artisans from Fyn Island. Exhibition continues until 14th July, open Thursday and Friday from 2pm to 5pm, and Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. or by arrangement at 20410460. Painting, pottery, jewelry, mobiles, sculpture including a new series of mobiles designed for display in gardens. Our open garden gives guests a chance to experience our rural pasture and forest landscape and to sit and contemplate several places in the garden, or eat a picnic lunch, (bring it yourself)...

Moodie Mobiles has opened again at Holmdrup Huse 7, 5881 Skårup, just 4 km east of Svendborg, Denmark. Our gallery has undergone extensive improvements including access and toilet facilities for handicap guests.

Ring 20410460 if you need a gift or just want to climb in a tree or wander in our nature garden.
Moodie Mobiles is again a part of the craft market at the Maritime Center in Svendborg the 19th-21st July. Friday from 3pm to 8 pm and Saturday- Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. 24 artisans in the rustic old warehouse on the quay by the ferry to Ærø. www.kunsthåndvæ

old postings:

New gallery! Our building permit was issued in mid June. A few changes to our existing exhibit space and we will be able to hang both a Moodie Mobiles
sign and a Gallery sign at Holmdrup Huse 7, 5881, Skårup. Sydfynsk Håndværk and Hybel Plumbers are working to make the changes to entry and toilet to allow handicap access.

Also new things happening in the garden surrounding the house. We look forward to sharing this special place in the little Oakbeak valley. An opening date in late August is the aim.

David will be opening an exhibition at Cafe Aroma in Svendborg on the 28th of June together with oilpastel master Jørgen Hincke.

Last art discussion evening as part of the exhibit "Nature and Mystique" at Holmdrup Huse 7, 5881 Skårup, Fyn, DK: David Moodie, the 18th of November, kl. 19:30- 21:00 "Mobility and stillness" Entry 50 DKK, please rsvp at 20410460, limited to 20 guests.
Coffee pause and open discussion with the artist afterwards.

Katja Wohlgemuth, Svendborg artist was guest the 4th of November. "Nature and Mystique"

Jørgen Hinke, was here the 21st of October,"About my life as an artist"


"Nature and Mystique" exhibit open until 20th November
Jørgen Hinke, Fåborg artist is showing his wondrously dextrous and sensual pastel chalk landscapes. Special small selection of his creeks and ponds!

Katja Wohlgemuth is spiritually seeking and eksperimental with her "picture objects", a blend of collage, and painting. She is also adept with traditional decoration painting techniques.

Elly Pedersen is a thoughtful and talented potter. She is showing a little selection including tea pots, cups and bowls.

David Moodie has hung some new larger plywood mobiles in Finnish birch. A selection of new earings in weathered copper and current classic mobiles in historical materials are hung throughout the exhibition.

We are opening a new entry ramp and bridge to the second floor also for special wheelchair access. Ring 20410460 for details

Open Tuesdays from 2pm to 6pm and Fridays from 2pm to 8pm and Saturdays from 11am to 3pm. Also open by appointment at 20410460

Also new mobiles, and including experiments with living elements combined with weathered copper, split wood and fabulous plastic recycled.