Mobiles occupy a special niche in the art world: sculpture in movement, shadows and reflections dancing together!
The purchase of a mobile is a personal choice, which often involves the artist and customer in dialog.
My workshop is a place where my customers are welcome.

If you see something on the website which you fancy, call me or mail me. Yes we can! We sell and ship worldwide.


David Moodie
Moodie Mobiles and Galleri Moodie's
Holmdrup Huse 7, 5881 Skårup, Svendborg, Denmark
tel. (45) 20410460 or 62 222613

The gallery and workshop have an open garden around the old farmhouse from 1677. The house lies in a glacial melt valley at the end of a 400m gravel road from the asphalt road Holmdrup Huse. Access to the gallery is over a wooden bridge and facilities are handicap friendly. We are 5km East of Svendborg.